After 14 unforgettable years in business, filled with new friendships, shared joy and uncountable connections, Absolute Health Solutions’ owner Dr Andrew Ullo has made the difficult decision to sell his business and move up to Newcastle to be closer to family and to spend more time with his loved ones. So, unfortunately, seeing his clients and managing the clinic remotely was not a viable option.

“As I embark on a new chapter, I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for my patients’ trust and support over the past 14 years. When I founded Absolute Health Solutions in Seaforth in 2011 and later moved to Balgowlah in 2017, I could not have imagined the incredible journey we would share.”

Andrew’s investment in building his well-loved Northern Beaches practice has transpired beyond pure business. He has not only spent over a decade looking after the health and well-being of his patients but has also built genuine meaningful connections and life-long friendships. This is one reason he put a lot of thought into selecting the right buyer. Even though his primary concern was to make sure people would continue to receive the best care once the sale was complete, he also wanted to choose a team that would care about the patients on a personal level and offer them a space where they could share their stories. 

“Throughout the years, we have built not just professional relationships, but friendships that I deeply cherish. Together, we’ve celebrated many successes and navigated challenges, always striving for health and well-being. My patients’ commitment and loyalty have been the foundation of our practice,” Andrew says.

Good healthcare is not only physical well-being, it’s trust, it’s permission to be yourself, it’s a space to feel safe to talk openly about where you are and where you want to be. 

Meet the new owners: Cath and Todd Stephenson 

For all the reasons above, Andrew picked Pittwater Chiro as the new owner, a professional and friendly chiropractic clinic owned by husband and wife team Todd and Cath Stephenson, whose main location is in Mona Vale. Andrew and Cath have been friends for years. They met while studying for a Master of Chiropractic at Macquarie University. Knowing each other personally and professionally for a long time eased his worry about the future of Absolute Health Solutions. 

“Pittwater Chiro has a similar model and approach to myself. This is something I strongly wanted for my clients. I knew Cath from university, so there was already an established relationship and trust there. I am confident that Cath, Todd and their team will continue to uphold the high standards of care and dedication that my patients have come to expect,” Andrew says. 

Besides the friendship between the owners of the two businesses, Pittwater Chiro’s approach and practices are rooted in the same values as Absolute Health Solutions. The team prides itself on getting to know its clients and nurturing long-lasting relationships while providing the best-tailored care. Pittwater Chiro has its doors open to everyone, from the everyday person to professional athletes, should they need health and well-being advice. Their team of seasoned professionals uses the latest scientific methods to ensure clients receive the most suitable, evidence-based treatment available, so they can get back to doing what they love.  

This like-mindedness in vision and values, as well as their ambition to grow Pittwater Chiro, is why Cath and Todd decided to buy Absolute Health Solutions.

“Once we saw the business listed, we immediately thought it looked like a wonderful growth opportunity for us. We have already formed truly amazing connections with the people we look after in the northern part of the beaches. Seeing that Andrew practised in an extremely similar fashion to us, it seemed like it would be a perfect fit for us, Andrew, and most importantly the clients of Absolute Health Solutions. The location of the clinic and the well-thought-out design of the space were quite attractive too. I especially like the area dedicated to demonstrating and working on exercise rehabilitation. The treatment rooms are spacious and comfortable too,” Todd says. 

When will the handover happen?

Todd will start working at Absolute Health Solutions on 22nd June. However, the plan is for Andrew to be there over the following 3-6 months to ensure a smooth transition for the clinic’s current clients. After the handover is completed, Andrew will move to Charlestown, where he is already getting a studio built to look after the Newcastle locals. 

“I’m on a corner block in Newcastle, so I’m already building a chiropractic studio in my backyard,” Andrew says. “The property market in Newcastle offers more value for our money. This means we can buy a larger, more comfortable space for the kids to grow up in. I’ll also work from home, allowing me more family time.”

So what happens next?

Not much will change after the handover. Pittwater Chiro and Absolute Health Solutions offer very similar services: chiropractic, dry needling, shockwave therapy and massage therapy. (More info on Pittwater Chiro’s current services here). 

A big part of the excitement Cath and Todd share about Absolute Health Solutions is the level of care and attention Andrew offered his clients. They want to keep the same dynamic in the clinic once they take over. Being incredibly people- and community-focused, it is crucial for Cath and Todd that Absolute Health Solutions’ clients continue getting the help and support they are used to. 

“Our vision for Absolute Health Solutions is to continue the same care and attention that Andrew and his associates gave to their clients over the years. The clinic has great equipment and a full gym. The waiting room is very welcoming. Eventually, we plan to fill the rooms with more like-minded chiropractors and massage therapists and offer more hours,” Todd says.

Cath agrees:

“We are planning to change very little. We will perhaps add some personal touches around the space to let more sunlight in. But ultimately, all we want is to be the go-to chiropractors in the area when you are in pain, have an injury or would like to make lifestyle changes. We want to develop professional relationships with our patients to help them achieve their goals and live their best lives, doing what they love. We want to inspire them to be active, which is the most effective way to prevent musculoskeletal pain. We want to be examples of this for the community. We want it to be a warm and inviting space, where patients know we will listen and try our best to lead them on the path to recovery.” 

Andrew is confident that his patients will be well cared for. “I trust that my patients in Sydney will be in good hands. I sincerely wish them all continued happiness and health in the future.

If you want to learn more about the new owners, check out Pittwater Chiro’s website here and their lovely welcoming team of professionals here. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.