Chiropractic and Sports-AHS

Over the years Chiropractic has been used extensively to assist sportspeople of all levels and ages to excel in their chosen sport. Chiropractors focus on providing care in the conservative management, rehabilitation and performance optimisation of the neuromusculoskeletal system and to participate in a multi-disciplinary sports injury care environment.

A fresh study that was published in 2010 shows the benefit of chiropractic care to sportspeople. It looked at the ability of preventative chiropractic care to reduce injuries in Australian Rules football players over the course of one season.  The chiropractic care in this study included mainly of chiropractic adjustments and soft-tissue work.  Sixty athletes from the semi-professional Victorian Football League (VFL) were recruited for this study and divided into two groups.  All athletes received current best practices in medical and sports management, but one group was assigned to also receive chiropractic care in addition.  This group received 1 chiropractic treatment per week for 6 weeks, followed by 1 treatment every two weeks for 3 months, and finally 1 treatment per month for the final 3 months of the study.

The results at the end of the season found that the group receiving chiropractic care had a significantly reduced number of lower-limb muscle strains and missed less playing time from non-contact knee injuries (1).

Therefore, these results show the benefit and how chiropractic care was effective at reducing the number of injuries in Australian Rules football players and speeding up the recovery process for those players who had knee pain.

But how to identify a chiropractic practitioner that can help manage and/or prevent your sporting injuries? Fittingly, a current research paper demonstrates the key criteria and principles which the chiropractor should demonstrate if they are to be suitable for the management of athletic injuries. These characteristics included:

  • Minimum treatment time 15–20 minutes
  • Treatment is multimodal in nature
  • Treatment should contain active (exercises) and passive components
  • No mandatory x-rays required for treatment
  • No predetermined treatment schedules or prepaid contracts of care
  • Use of medical terminology and diagnosis (2)

These guidelines above are how the chiropractors at AHS approach each patient. Therefore, the above treatment session plus regular visits throughout the season will help prevent injuries, support faster recovery and will help improve performance.

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Photo Credit:USAG- Humphreys


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