Knee Injury Prevention


A common knee injury with athletes of all levels and ages is a partial or complete tear of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL).

This results in the obvious short-term issues of pain and disability, however even with corrective surgery many people with ACL injuries will go on to develop arthritic changes in the knee at an earlier age. This has an impact on sporting performance and can affect the quality of daily life.

The Journal of Clinical Orthopedics recently published a study, which reviewed the best evidence to date on the risk factors associated with ACL injuries and the best ways to decrease those risk factors.

The results of this study found that some of the biggest risk factors for ACL injuries are:

  • Decreased hamstring strength
  • Poor core stability
  • Poor balance
  • Knee abduction during landing or cutting movements
  • A history of low back pain.

The best techniques to minimize these risk factors were found to be:

  • Plyometric strength training – especially when targeting specific muscles that require
    strengthening such as the hamstrings
  • Exercises aimed at improving balance and the coordination of muscle and joint movement.


Therefore the conclusions of this study suggest that ACL injuries CAN be prevented with proper training focused on controlling knee movements and balancing muscle strength.

How can the Practitioners at AHS help?

The Chiropractors at AHS test functional movement patterns to assess the coordination of muscle groups, which may increase the risk of injury to the lower limb. By implementing the use of joint adjustments & mobilisations combined with soft tissue techniques and rehabilitation protocols we aim to reduce the risk of injury and improve performance.

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