For decades now, individuals have used artificial tapes, braces, ropes, pulleys or supports in athletics to help improve performance, or treat a musculoskeletal dysfunction/injury. A lot of these individuals depend on these supports as a way to improve kinesthetic awareness, provide increase stability and deliver some sort of relief from painful sprains.

For many years now, the rigid tape has been the standard tool used to help provide stability. However, kinesiology tape has become very popular in the sporting world and rehabilitation. Kinesiology tape serves to enhance proprioception, neuromuscular stimulation, reduce pain and improve recovery time.

Rocktape is an innovative new kinesiology sports tape.

It’s not like your traditional rigid tape, it can be stretched up to 180% so it provides a variety of choices on how to use the tape. It is described as a duct tape for the human body. It can be used to:

  • Compress or decompress an area of they body…
  • Push or pull muscle or tendons to areas where they should or shouldn’t be…
  • Activate or deactivate a muscle…
  • Improve athletic performance…

How it works is that once it is place on the skin, the tape has the ability to lift the skin away from the soft tissue to promote blood flow. The more blood you get to a damaged area, the faster the injury will heal.

Furthermore, the increase in blood flow will help promote lymph drainage and the removal of lactic acid. It can reduce almost all the swelling. This helps improve the individual’s athletic performance by reducing muscle fatigue.

It is designed to treat a wide variety of injuries from rotator cuff, lower back, golfer/tennis elbow, shin splints and help with posture control.

A study carried out by Rocktape measured the performance-enhancing effects of its of kinesiology tape. It only used a very small sample size of five elite cyclists as its subjects. The study compared each athlete’s taped and untapped performance. The study showed that cyclists who wore Rocktape performed 2-6% better than when they did not wear Rocktape. Based on these results, the researchers concluded that Rocktape could be of some assistance to athletes in endurance competitions.

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