Smoking Linked To Back Pain

Everyone nowadays knows that smoking is a damaging habit to his or her health, but not everyone knows it can cause back pain. Smoking doesn’t just harm your lungs and heart, but it also has a direct link to your spine.

The latest research indicates that smoking can increase your risk of back pain. One recent study published in 2012 showed that women who smoked were three times more likely to develop arthritis. This arthritis causes pain in the low back and sacrum. Past smokers were 1.5 times more likely to develop arthritis, and women who smoked for over 25 years had the highest risk of all. Researchers suggested that smokers could be more vulnerable to arthritis because smoking could induce oxidative stress that causes inflammation and harms the immune system.

Another study that was released in December 2012 demonstrated patients with disorders of the spine who quit smoking experienced considerable improvements in back pain. The authors wrote that ‘with regard to chronic pain disorders, smokers reported an increased magnitude of pain when compared with nonsmokers.’

The authors demonstrated that there was nearly 2-fold more patients who quit smoking that reported more than 30% decrease in pain than current smokers (32.0% vs 16.6%), and never-smokers reported a greater mean improvement in disability as determined by the Oswestry Disability index than current smokers. The authors also concluded that are needed to improve chronic pain among patients with spinal conditions.

So the sooner you throw away the bad habit of smoking, the better. Not only will it help with you back pain, but also will have immediate health effects such as boosting your healing process.

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