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Exercise‐Based Strategies to Prevent Muscle Injury in Male Elite Footballers

By Dr Andrew Ullo (Chiropractor)   Unfortunately, injuries are a part of sports and this is especially true for footballers. As Football is the world’s most popular sport, it’s then no surprise that the rate of injuries is exceptionally high. In particular, muscle injuries are the most common type of injury for footballers, especially hamstrings. These…

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Do Niggles Matter? – Dr Andrew Ullo (Chiropractor)

As we know, football is one of the most popular sports in Australia and across the world. Thankfully this means that there has been plenty of research when it comes to injuries and injury prevention. One new study that was done in Australia, aimed at investigating the impact and prevalence of non-time loss injuries in…

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Jumping back into the gym after Iso? Here’s some tips to do it safely….

So many people are so excited that gyms are reopening across Australia as coronavirus restrictions ease. Now, before we pick up the kettlebell once again, we might need to be cautious. During the last 12 weeks, a lot of us have been more sedentary than before and some of us working from home have missed…


Effects of Hamstring Injury Prevention Programs

Hamstring injuries (HSI) are reported as one of the most common injuries in football. It is even stated that Hamstring injury rates are increasing in elite football. The long head of the biceps femoris is the most common part of the hamstring to be injured. HSI have been shown to effect more than one fifth of elite players during a season. A recent systematic review and meta-analysis has recently investigated the effectiveness of the injury prevention programs that included the nordic hamstring exercise (NHE) on reducing hamstring injury rates while factoring in the athletes workload.

Why is sitting so bad?

  The saying, “Sitting is the new smoking” should come as no surprise with most of us spending over a 1/3 of our days seated. We’re living in a sedentary world and our bodies aren’t designed to be seated all day every day. This will eventually lead to altered mechanics and muscle imbalances within the body and even…