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Wearing Compression Garments

Fads in how to improve your sports performance come and go. Sooner or later the trend runs out or becomes forgotten. Just like Nike Airs, Reebok Pumps, Barefoot Shoes and Breath Right nose stripes – just to name a few. One trend that has been around for a while and proving itself with the research is compression garments. The research demonstrates how the high performance training apparels can actually improve performance and speed up recovery.

A study of late published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research presented the effects these compression garments have on recovery from bouts of high-intensity running (1).  In this paper, semiprofessional rugby players performed two 30-minutes treadmill runs, once wearing regular running shorts and once wearing waist to ankle compression garments. Lactic acid levels, heart rate, and other metabolic byproducts were measured every 5 minutes during the runs.  The study showed that when wearing the compression garments the athletes had lower lactic acid levels during and after the run and their heart rate slowed more during the recovery session when wearing the compression garments.Therefore, As lower lactic acid levels are a sign of muscle recovery, and lower heart rate

As lower lactic acid levels are a sign of muscle recovery, and lower heart rate indicate a faster return to full strength; these results imply that wearing compression garments may speed up the active recovery process after high-intensity exercise. In saying this, the capability to recharge your body faster when wearing compression garments could improve athletic performance in sports that are made up of short stints of high-intensity action mixed with low-intensity or recovery periods (e.g. football, soccer, etc.).

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